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Borobudur Temple - 800 AD

Borobudur Temple (337 - 422 AD) already existed when F-Huan came to the Land of Java Jakarta ( DreamLandLibrary ) - Borobudur is ...

300 AD and Beyond

300 AD
Pinawetengan Inscription

The ancient Minahasa script is called the Malesung Script. Batu Pinawetengan is located in West Tompaso District. It is a natural stone upon which is written in Hieroglyphic Letters (writings and alphabet of Ancient Egypt). This Maeres Literature Speech contains a Regional Divisions Conference, a Declaration to maintain unity.

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301 AD
The establishment of the Kingdom of Kutai Martadipura (Hindu)

Years 358 - 669

Kingdom of Tarumanagara

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Arabic Culture Turns Inheritance from Christian Religious Culture