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La Galigo - Similar to the Koran but older than the Koran

Ujungpandang ( Dreamland Library ) - The Bugis in South Sulawesi, adheres to a belief in the Gods of Seuwae (the Only God). "The Bug...

300 AD and Beyond

300 AD
Pinawetengan Inscription

The ancient Minahasa script is called the Malesung Script. Batu Pinawetengan is located in West Tompaso District. It is a natural stone upon which is written in Hieroglyphic Letters (writings and alphabet of Ancient Egypt). This Maeres Literature Speech contains a Regional Divisions Conference, a Declaration to maintain unity.

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301 AD
The establishment of the Kingdom of Kutai Martadipura (Hindu)

Years 358 - 669

Kingdom of Tarumanagara

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Arabic Culture Turns Inheritance from Christian Religious Culture