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400 AD and Beyond

Tahun 400 M
The Entry of Buddhism in Indonesia.
Factors that cause the shortage of Buddhists in Indonesia include:
  1. Buddhism itself teaches that we must do ehipassiko, which is to come, see and prove yourself. This is what causes many people who do not know the teachings of Buddhism because they do not know when they can learn it.
  2. Many consider that the teachings of Buddhism are identical with incense, flowers, candles, etc. that make people think about the large enough capital to be spent.
  3. In Buddhism there is no agreement that binds a person to continue to follow Buddhism, so after marriage, quite a lot of Buddhists change religion because they have to follow the religion of their partners.
  4. Many people think that Buddhism does not give them the promise to enter heaven because the majority needs security and guarantees that they will go to heaven.
  5. The lack of Buddhism in the family so that their children who attend non-Buddhist schools will follow the ways and rules in their schools that cause them to be affected.
  6. Factors from parents who do not really understand the teachings of Buddhism so that there are parents who only carry out the traditions of the Chinese and some are only Buddhist status, but do not know anything about Buddhism. This is also due to the lack of belief in Buddhism.

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