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La Galigo - Similar to the Koran but older than the Koran

Ujungpandang ( Dreamland Library ) - The Bugis in South Sulawesi, adheres to a belief in the Gods of Seuwae (the Only God). "The Bug...

Luwu Sultanate - 901 AD

Jakarta (Dreamland Library) - The Luwu Sultanate (also spelled Luwuq, Wareq, Luwok, Luwu ') was the oldest Bugis kingdom, in 1889, the Governor of the Dutch East Indies in Makassar stated that the heyday of Luwu was between the 10th to 14th centuries, but there was no further proof.

Luwu together with Wewang Nriwuk and Tompotikka are the first three Bugis kingdoms listed in the epic I La Galigo, a work of the Bugis. However, I La Galigo cannot be fully accepted as a historical text because it is filled with myths, so the existence of these kingdoms is questioned. The center of this kingdom is located in Malangke which is now the area of ​​North Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi.

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