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The Sultanate of Pagaruyung 1347 s 1825 AD

Istano Basa
Jakarta (DreamLandLibrary) - The kingdom of Pagaruyung is a kingdom that once stood in Sumatra, its territory is in the province of West Sumatra now.

The name of this kingdom is referred to from the name of the tree Nibung or Ruyung, besides that it can also be referred to from the inscription of the Sultan Mohammad Tangkal Alam Bagagar from Pagaruyung, namely in the Jawi script in the inner circle which reads as follows: Sulthān Tunggal Alam Bagagar ibnu Sulthān Khalīfatullāh which has domestic royal throne Pagaruyung Dārul Qarār Johan Sovereign Zhillullāh fīl 'Ālam.

Unfortunately, the seal of the figure is not written down in the number of years of his reign. This kingdom collapsed during the Padri War, after the signing of an agreement between the Indigenous Peoples and the Dutch that made the Pagaruyung Kingdom under Dutch supervision.

Previously this kingdom was incorporated in Malayapura, a kingdom which in the Amoghapasa Inscription was said to be led by Adityawarman, who established himself as the ruler of Bhumi Malayu in Suwarnabhumi. Also included in Malayapura are the Dharmasraya kingdoms and several other Adityawarman-conquered kingdoms or areas.

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